Motorized bumper cars are very popular. Why? People of all ages love to ride them. They are, therefore, the best biggest attraction in fairgrounds, funfairs, amusement parks, theme parks, and more. If you are planning to open a funfair or park, you should choose the highest quality motorized bumper cars.

Here is how to choose a motorized bumper car for your business:

Funfair Dodgem
Funfair Dodgem

The Type of Motorized Bumper Cars

You have to consider the type of motorized bumper you are looking for. There are battery bumper cars and electric bumper cars. Electric bumpers are affordable and environmentally friendly. Battery bumpers, on the other hand, are easy to operate and maintain. You should choose the best types of motorized bumper cars for your park.

The Speed of Bumper Cars

If you want to attract young children to your park, do not choose motorized bumper cars with high speeds. It is unsafe for young children to control bumper cars at high speeds. Therefore, make sure the speed of the bumper cars is adjustable before choosing them. You will just adjust the speed to meet the demands of your visitors.


It is in your best interest to check the brand before choosing your motorized bumper cars. It takes time and effort to build a reputable brand. It is, therefore, easy to trust bumper cars from reputable and popular brands. The top brands, in fact, design and build their bumper cars to meet the requirements of their customers. Dinis brand is a good choice you can consider.

The Appearance of Motorized Bumper Cars

It is best to choose beautiful bumper cars. They can help improve the appearance of your amusement park or theme park. Children love beautiful bumper cars. So, make sure the color is attractive and the painting is perfect. The manufacturer can even paint your bumper cars to suit your needs. Talk to the manufacturer before choosing the bumper cars.

After-Sale Services

You have to check the after-sale services of the manufacturer before choosing their motorized dodgems. The best manufacturers do not just sell bumper cars. They help their customers assemble their bumper cars and send accessories if their bumper cars are damaged. After-sale services can save you money.

Read Reviews Online

If you are looking for motorized bumper cars for the first time, you may need to do proper research before choosing your bumper cars. Luckily, people, who understand the benefits of the different types of bumper cars, write their reviews and post them online. Reading customer reviews can help you choose the best bumper cars.

Inflatable Electric Bumper Cars
Inflatable Electric Bumper Cars

Your Budget

Last, but not least, you need to consider your budget before choosing motorized bumper cars. If your budget is small, you can choose used bumper cars. It is expensive to purchase brand new bumpers. It is, however, much better to purchase new bumper cars. Why? They are more attractive and can last for a long time.


Choosing the highest quality motorized bumper cars for your business can increase your traffic, boost your profits, and save you money over the long term. It is best to buy your bumper cars directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer can design and produce your motorized bumper cars to meet your requirements and use high quality materials, such as FRP.

Now you know how to choose a motorized bumper car, click here for more info about this interesting amusement ride.

Dinis Brand New Bumper Cars
Dinis Brand New Bumper Cars

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